You don't want to buy furniture for your space? Rent it!

PlanUrban provides a rental service through operational leasing of furnishing accessories. In this way you can furnish your space without impacting on the company.

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Does the rental require a loan?

No, the operative lease is an alternative solution as it is a financial management system for the endowment of assets that has the advantage of not having an impact in any way on the company’s financial exposure. Being the lease of an asset, and paying a “usage fee”, it is not considered as a classic loan, but simply as the provision of a service.

What kind of goods can I rent?

We are able to rent all the products in our catalog, therefore furniture, partitions, acoustic panels, sun screens and accessories.

From what amount is it possible to enter a rental agreement?

It is possible to choose the operative lease starting from a net purchase price of 500 €.

When does my lease start?

With the delivery declaration you confirm the date on which you receive the rented property. The basic lease period of the contract starts on the first day of the quarter following the takeover. If you have chosen the monthly payment method, it starts from the first day of the following month of the takeover.

For how long can I rent the goods?

It is possible to rent the furniture for a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 60 months.

Is it necessary to insure the products?

All goods must be insured. If you don’t have your own insurance, our finance company provides All-Risks insurance coverage. The cost of insurance is collected once a year and varies according to the purchase price of the products.

Is it possible to redeem the goods at the end of the rental?

Yes, it is possible to redeem the goods at the end of the rental at a fixed rate of 5% of the taxable amount of the supply.

Is there any impact on the company balance sheet?

No, there is no impact on the balance sheet, the goods should not be entered among the assets in the balance sheet.

Is the finance lease deductible?

Yes, it is fully deductible for IRAP purposes.


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